Metal Wire Shopping Cart 18,000 cu. in. With Dark Gray Handle, Seat, & Bumpers

AMW-90 Gray Metal Wire Shopping Cart 18,000 cu. in. (Buy Online)

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The largest of our metal shopping carts, our AMW-90 Metal Wire Shopping Cart allows for maximum cart space, along with a sturdy lower tray for additional storage. Don't forget to customize bumper, seat, and handle colors to match your branding!

All of our carts nest with most existing competitor carts and we ship nationwide for as low as $7.50 per cart. For details, click on our Delivery Rates page. 

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Product Specifications

AMW-90 Metal Wire Shopping Cart Specifications

Cart Capacity: 18,000 cu. in. (295 Liters)
Basket Capacity: 10,686 (175 Liters)
Weight: 69 lbs.
Cart Nesting: 13 in.