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Metal Wire Shopping Cart With Vermaport Frame For Conveyor & Green Handle, Seat, & Bumpers Order This Online

AMW-90VP Metal Wire Shopping Cart Vermaport Frame for Conveyor 18,000 cu. in.


If you are looking for a sturdy shopping cart that is compatible with a Vermaport conveyor system, look no further. Our AMW-90VP Metal Wire Shopping Cart Vermaport Frame seamlessly integrates into the conveyor system to easily transport throughout multi-level stores. 

In case you aren't quite ready to get rid of old shopping carts, we have designed all of our carts to nest with most competitors carts. Shipping starts as low as $7.50 per cart from our factory, and to find more information about this, visit our Delivery Rates page.

Product Specifications:

  • Cart Capacity: 18,000 cu. in. (275 Liters)
  • Basket Capacity:10,686 cu.in. (175 Liters)
  • Weight: 69 lbs.
  • Cart Nesting: 13 in.
  • Vermaport Conveyor Frame
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY against rust and corrosion with our coating process. All carts are zinc electro-plated to prevent any corrosion or rust then baked on powder coating with our custom gray speckle top coat.

AMW-90VP Wire Shopping Cart Specifications

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