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Why Purchase Shopping Carts and Shopping Cart Parts From Americana

Why Purchase from Americana Companies

  • You're buying direct from the manufacturer with a 3 year warranty
  • There is no representative commission hidden in costs or reseller mark-ups
  • Shopping carts are all made in the USA
  • We do not subcontract any of our products or services which allows us cost control
  • 3 ways to order: ONLINE | PHONE | EMAIL
  • Most of our shopping carts will nest with your existing carts
  • We manufacture direct the largest replacement parts offering in USA for all makes and models
  • Americana is a family owned business since 1975
  • We will stock annual commitments for no additional warehouse or storage charges and volume discounts are available with quantities provided.
  • If you buy overseas now - allow us to quote with our low overhead manufacturing plant in the central USA.
  • We manufacture plastic and metal-wire shopping carts-garden and material handling carts as well as replacement parts for all manufacturers makes and models.


Not sure which Americana shopping cart will nest with yours or is close is size?


Email us your shopping cart manufacturer and model number and we will provide model number of closest Americana USA manufactured shopping cart. This applies to both metal shopping carts (wire shopping carts) and plastic shopping carts.


If you plan to order 100 carts or more you can request a sample and we will send to you for your inspection of our USA quality made shopping carts.