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The LUV Seat Child Safety Products

A proper child seat for shopping carts is crucial. Falls from the seat portion of the shopping cart account for about half of all fall related injuries while falls from the basket of the cart are responsible for the remainder. Most fall victims are treated for head injuries. The number of injuries is alarming and is ranked as one of the leading childhood injuries in the United States. Always provide a child seat for shopping carts and a retail shopping cart restraint for children in the cart seat to ensure their overall shopping cart safety. It only takes a second for children to stand up in shopping carts and their chances of falling or tipping the cart over increase. Properly using the child safety belts helps prevent children from standing up in the cart.

Did you know that the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) reports that thousands of children are treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms each year for shopping cart related injuries? Falls account for the majority of these injuries and are among the leading causes of head injuries to young children. The most common injury resulted when a child fell from or climbed out of a shopping cart because a shopping cart restraint was not being used.

We are leaders in child safety products for retailers and restaurants for the past 21 years. Since then, we have helped revolutionize the shopping experience for consumers and have dramatically improve safety and operations for retailers. As manufacturers of shopping cart infant seats and shopping cart safety belts, we are committed to keeping kids safe. We have even taken a step further in making sure children are safe at restaurants with our baby chairs so children can have a proper child seat in a restaurant setting.

Keep children safe and improve your customers experience today! Order one of our quality LUV child safety products you will be glad you did……….after all we all LUV KIDS.