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Shopping Cart Repairs

One of our most utilized services includes on-site shopping cart repair. Whether it be from day-to-day use or adverse weather, shopping carts occasionally require both minor or major repairs. While replacement parts are readily available, it can be hard to find a reliable technician. Americana Companies has built a reputation for expert repairmen and customer service excellence – we guarantee you will be satisfied with your service.

Common Shopping Cart Repairs

Unless a customer reports a claim to your business, you may not even be aware that your shopping carts need repaired at all. Here are some of the most common shopping cart repairs, all of which we are able to take care of on-site at your company:

  • Broken frame welds 
  • Wobbly shopping cart wheels and casters 
  • Worn down child safety belts
  • Cracked plastic child seats
  • Loose or missing hardware

Parts Beyond Repair 

Americana is dedicated to providing repairs that will make your shopping cart as good as new. In some cases, though, the shopping cart damage may be extensive enough that the value of the repair exceeds the cost of the part. In these cases, we can offer replacement parts and salvage what we can from what is damaged. We would rather retire the parts that are worn beyond repair rather than leaving with you with the liability of a part that is broken or will be broken soon.


Americana Companies staffs an excellent service team that provides all scopes of repairs. Even if it is not from the list above, contact us with any of your shopping cart problems and we will be glad to talk you through the process of getting necessary repairs.