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Shopping Cart Maintenance

Not only does Americana Companies manufacture shopping carts, parts, and accessories of all kinds, we also provide shopping cart maintenance. Purchasing shopping carts is an investment you want to protect and by scheduling preventative and routine maintenance, you could save yourself the cost of having to prematurely purchase new shopping carts. Besides that, no customer wants the shopping cart with the squeaky wheel.

Because Americana Companies cares about your time, we will bring the maintenance crew to you. Our fleet of maintenance vans come equipped with everything we will need to complete routine maintenance, including:
  • High pressure washers to clean the dirt and grime off of the carts
  • Welding equipment and tools to clean every inch of your carts and make repairs as needed
  • Spare parts, just in case something minor needs to be replaced on-site

Routine shopping cart maintenance will not only save you money by not having to order replacements, but it will also reduce liability with employees and customers. Neglecting to maintain shopping carts could cost a worker’s compensation lawsuit or even worse if a customer gets seriously hurt. Avoid the risk and schedule a routine preventative maintenance with Americana.

Save your company time and money before it’s too late by scheduling your preventative shopping cart maintenance today.