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National On-Site Maintenance Services on Store Rolling Equipment

Preventative Scheduled Maintenance - On Call or Reactive Services - Rebranding or Remodels - Cart Containment Installations - High Pressure Cleaning - Repair Services

Americana manufactures quality wheels, casters, handles, seats, and ASTM child safety belts for all manufacturers makes and models.

We are proud to be the largest on site shopping cart maintenance company in North America. Our current fleet of over 70 maintenance trucks service retail stores in all 50 states.

On-Site Shopping Cart Fleet Repair and Maintenance

Our Fleet

26’ straight - 12 units
24' Box Truck

24’ straight - 15 units
24' Box Truck
16’ Cabover - 25 units
16' Cabover Truck

15’ parcel van - 30 units
16' Parcel Van

16' Stake truck - 4 units
16' Stakebed Truck

24' Stake truck - 6 units
24' Stakebed Truck

What We Fix!

Shopping Carts
Material Handling Carts
Rolling Step Ladders
Electric Carts

Garden Center Carts
Lumber Carts
Flat Bed Carts

Bakery Racks
Meat CartsProduce Carts
Pallet Jacks

What You Get and Why We Do It

Easy to budget price schedule for on-site preventative maintenance and repair services per store.

Service Site

All Americana services shall be performed at the purchaser’s various locations. Purchaser shall provide a suitable location with adequate water and electrical connections at these sites. The purchaser or his/her representatives shall be responsible to make all covered equipment readily available to provider’s personnel for the performance of these services. The provider shall make every effort to cause as little disruption to normal business operations at purchaser’s site as possible.

Service Schedules

Our continuing effort to maintain our policy of not charging the purchaser for mileage and expenses, the provider schedules many jobs in a geographic area. The provider will supply the purchase with a tentative schedule for maintenance to be done at each of the store sites. The purchaser will be notified of any schedule changes made necessary due to weather or for other reasons.


All Americana technicians wear uniforms making them easily recognizable.


Americana will upon request of the purchaser provide a certificate of liability insurance that assures all necessary coverage from any unlikely mishaps that could occur while performing service at the job site. We urge you to request this information since many of our competitors perform this type of maintenance with no coverage at all.


All Americana technicians are specially trained to repair all types of carts. This training include instructions on the safe and proper use of all necessary equipment. Our experience has shown that an untrained technician cannot only adversely affect the performance of the shopping cart, but also the safety of the customer. You can be assured that all technicians undergo extensive training and must perform high standards of quality workmanship.


All Americana vehicles are equipped with all the proper and necessary equipment such as hot, high pressure washers, the proper welding equipment and tools to meet all the cleaning and repair needs. All parts for normal, necessary maintenance are carried on all vehicles. A backup parts inventory is always available at our distribution center.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

A preventative maintenance program will reduce your liability and cost. This will create a safer environment for your customers and employees. Our highly trained and seasoned technicians will assure you meet the ASTM F2372-04 safety standard for shopping carts and compliant with OSHA requirements on all rolling ladders and material handing carts.

On-Site Communication

All Americana technicians are trained to keep all store directors, managers, or owners informed of any situations which could create a costly surprise or a problem that occurs during maintenance. We will discuss any and all “not to exceed” costs and get the proper approval prior to doing any additional work.

Worn Beyond Repair

Americana may determine that in some instances, equipment can be damaged or worn to an extent that may make repairs impossible or too costly. In these cases, usable parts will be salvaged from such equipment. These parts will be used to repair the purchaser’s other equipment and remains of the unrepaired equipment will be said to have been “retired” from service and removed from the purchaser’s inventory.

Parts Replacement

Americana will supply and install only original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) or equivalent parts in the performance of all repairs.