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Reconditioned Shopping Carts

We pick up the old, rusted, cracked and peeling powder coated shopping carts from your store and apply our new remanufacturing procedure to restore then to "Like New" condition. These carts are carts are refinished around 1/2 the price of a new shopping cart.

If you want to save over 50% and have like new carts for your customers this program is for you!

Step One: Cleaning and Stripping

All plastic parts are removed, basket and frame assemblies are hung four at a time and lowered into the tank for cleaning and stripping.


Step Two: Coating

Stripped basket and frame assemblies are dipped in duplex Nickel coating to prevent corrosion.


Step Three: Plated and Restored

Basket and frame assemblies are plated in Chrome or Zinc then finished and restored.


Step Four: Clear Coating

Basket and frame assemblies are clear coated to prevent rust from returning.


Step Five: "Like New" Condition

New wheels, handles, seats, casters and belts are installed. Carts are restored to "Like New" condition.