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How To Combat Shopping Cart Theft

We’ve all seen the stray shopping cart in a ditch or maybe someone walking down the street with a grocery cart. In most cases, those carts belong to a local grocery store. It may not seem like a huge deal to walk off with a grocery cart or basket, but truthfully, everyone ends up paying for it in the end. Not only do grocery stores have to purchase additional carts, they have to make up the loss somewhere, which inevitably means increased prices. Or, even worse, they just don’t replace the carts and have angry customers. There are ways to decrease the likelihood of grocery cart theft, though. While it may be an investment up front, it is an investment that will protect you from from further losses.

Shopping Cart Corrals

shopping cart corralOne way to decrease the likelihood of shopping cart theft is to install shopping cart corrals where your carts can safely live until an employee can transport them inside. It is much harder to steal a shopping cart that is nicely nested with other carts in a shopping cart stall than one that is rolling aimlessly around the parking lot. Don’t think they have to just be large metal eyesores. There are single-stall and double-stall options to meet your store’s needs and parking lot size. You can also customize the signage to match your branding. In essence, your shopping cart corral will be just an extension of your store and will also protect your store’s assets.

Anti-Theft Shopping Carts

The best way to avoid shopping cart theft is to just purchase anti-theft shopping carts. These have anti-theft features that both make them more visible in the store and keep them from rolling away. Americana manufactures two different sizes and styles of anti-theft shopping carts, all of which come in a variety of colors. They are durable, UV resistant plastic, and either feature anti-theft lower tray or an anti-theft pole that protects them from being stolen. All of our carts come with a warranty as well for your extra protection.

Retrieving stolen shopping carts can be a waste of time and in most cases, your cart won’t be in its original condition anyway. However, just going without shopping carts isn’t really an option, either. The most reliable solution to combating shopping cart theft is to purchase anti-theft shopping carts from Americana Companies. Choose your size, color, specific anti-theft feature, and, if you order over 50 carts, we’ll even include your store’s logo on the cart free of charge. Order today online, or by phone or email.

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