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How Store Layout & Shopping Carts Go Hand-In-Hand

When you think about all the factors that influence how customers shop in your store, layout is one of the many, but an important one at that. Your store’s layout not only directs traffic, but also provides a unique experience for your customers, much like your shopping carts. Learn more about how the two go hand-in-hand.

Grid Layout

Most shoppers are accustomed to the grid layout, which consists of rows of aisles with grouped items in each row and featured items on the end of the aisles. This layout encourages customers to flow freely up and down the aisles and browse items they may not otherwise be looking for. While this layout maximizes your store’s space, you just have to be careful about your aisle width to ensure customers don’t bump into each other. Generally, aisles 4’ wide and larger provide plenty of space for grocery carts of all standard sizes.

Loop/Racetrack Layout

Most common in stores that have a variety of different types of merchandise, the loop consists of a single aisle that goes around the entire store, often with smaller aisles coming off of it. It forces customers to go all the way around the store, exposing them to items that may not be on their list. With this type of layout, keep in mind that going all the way back to the front of the store to grab a basket may be too much work for customers. That’s why for this layout, it’s best to have a stack of plastic retail hand baskets available around the store so when customers do see additional items to purchase, it’s easy for them to carry.

Free-Flow Layout

Unlike the other two layouts that are highly organized, the free-flow layout doesn’t necessary direct customers in any specific pattern through the store. The merchandise is carefully and strategically scattered throughout, encouraging customers to wander through and look at all types of merchandise. Keep in mind that creating a pleasant wandering experience is key, meaning leaving enough space between products to avoid collisions or getting stuck.

No matter what layout you choose for your store, let Americana Companies provide your shopping carts. From wire to metal and even retail hand baskets, we manufacture shopping carts for all areas of your store. Purchase online or by phone today.

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