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Make Your Nursery Blossom With Garden Center Carts

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With spring and summer in full swing, consumers are eager to buy plants and flowers for their gardens. By purchasing the right carts for your garden center, you not only benefit your customers, but also your employees. You may think that any cart with ample space for storage will work, but choosing carts manufactured specifically for garden centers can result in increased efficiency, improved safety, a better buying experience, and opportunity for service rather than replacement, if needed.

Designed for Garden Centers

Garden center carts are not your standard shopping cart. They have a unique design, increased durability, and features making them ideal for all types of garden center and nurseries. Some of these design elements include:

  • Flat Tray: Rather than a deep basket, garden center carts generally have a flat tray. Plants come in all shapes and sizes and a single basket could be restrictive. A flat tray, however, allows for plants to be properly situated without be squished. It also allows for stacking, if needed.
  • Additional Storage: When you’re gardening, you often need other items such as tools, hoses, and fertilizer. That’s where additional storage is helpful. American Companies’ garden center carts have optional top baskets to allow for customers to easily add items without taking up plant space.
  • Durable Material: Don’t worry about the condition of your carts during Spring storms. At Americana Companies, all of our garden center carts are manufactured with cold rolled steel wire that is durable enough to stand outdoor weather. The handles and bumpers even have added UV protection during the sweltering heat.
  • Heavy Duty Casters: Garden Center carts don’t carry heavy loads on just any caster. They are manufactured specifically with 6” heavy duty casters that will allow for easy maneuverability and increased durability.
  • Increase Efficiency

    Purchasing garden center carts will improve efficiency both for employees and for customers. Just think about receiving a large order of plants that your employees need to stock. They could either run back and forth with armloads or they could just load up the garden center carts and take it all with just a few trips. Additionally, customers can get in and out of the garden center quicker with an easier way to transport plants. When time is money, improving efficiency is always a wise investment.

    Stay Organized

    No customer liked to walk into a nursery that is crowded with stray plants and bulky carts. Keep your nursery organized with nesting garden center carts. Not only to Americana Companies’ carts nest together, but they also nest with most other models. We even manufacture cart corrals if you need a safe place to direct them in your parking lot.

    Superior Service

    The only thing worse than not have any carts available for your customers to have broken ones. We understand that replacing your garden center carts is not cheap, which is why Americana Companies offers on-site maintenance and replacement parts. We want to always do everything we can to protect your investment and will go out of our way to do so.

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