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Creating A New Shopping Experience

Single-Use Carryout Bag Ban Makes Shopping Carts & Retail Hand Baskets More Valuable Than Ever

Worldwide, there is increased effort to make commerce more environmentally friendly. Decreasing the use of plastic is a big part of this effort, namely decreasing the use of plastic single-use carryout bags. In the United States, California and Hawaii have already banned single-use carryout bags, with other states starting to follow suit. The solution, in many cases, is for reusable bags, but when customers just need to run in the store and grab something quick or have an unplanned grocery stop, they may not have a reusable bag handy. This is where having shopping carts and retail hand baskets is key as the solution for getting groceries from the store to the car.

The Importance of Shopping Cart Variety

In years past, customers could just throw a few items in a plastic carryout bag and away they went. With the ban of plastic bags, though, customers need something to carry out their groceries. This is where shopping cart variety becomes important. You want to make it as convenient and easy as possible for customers to transport groceries without a plastic bag. For large trips, this may mean a standard plastic or metal shopping cart. For quick trips, this may mean a plastic retail hand basket or rolling hand basket. For in-between trips or elderly customers, this may mean an express-convenience cart. There are many shopping cart solutions on the market, but as a retail buyer, it’s vital to make sure your customers have options to make the transition of no carryout bags as smooth as possible.

Shopping Carts as the New Normal

Banning plastic carryout bags may seem like the end of the world at first to customers, but really it just means that you need to create a new shopping experience, one that makes a shopping cart not just means to get to the checkout stand, but also to get groceries to the car. Offering durable, lasting shopping carts rather than old ones with a stuck wheel can make a shopping experience much more pleasant for customers.

Even if you are not currently located in a state where plastic carryout bags are banned, the change is spreadly quickly worldwide. Be ahead of the curve by stocking ample shopping carts and retail hand baskets in your store. Buy from Americana Companies and customize your shopping carts: choose a color that best fits your brand, add accessories such as ID and advertising panels, buy in bulk and enjoy custom printing. We ship throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico, and buying is made simple with online, email, and phone orders.

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