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Common Shopping Cart Problems & Simple Solutions

In a time when ordering online is easier than going to a physical retail store, business owners are challenged with making the shopping experience worth a trip. That starts with the first thing customers grab when they walk into your store - a shopping cart or shopping basket. Unfortunately, even something as simple as a shopping cart can completely ruin a customer’s experience. To ensure you are keeping your customers happy, learn more about common shopping cart problems and how to fix them.

Problem 1: Broken Shopping Cart Wheels

Nobody wants to be the one to grab the cart with a broken wheel, but it inevitably happens for a variety of reasons. Stores don’t prioritize their carts’ conditions. It’s deemed too costly or timely to fix the wheels. The list goes on. However, the best way to ruin someone's shopping experience is to make them drag a cart with a broken wheel throughout the store. It makes shopping inefficient and causes an annoyance to everyone listening to it drag.

Simple Solution: Shopping Cart Repairs

Shopping carts can be costly, but repairs don’t need to be. Americana Companies provides on-site national shopping cart maintenance services that include repairs. If your company’s maintenance team can handle the job, no problem. We also sell replacement wheels and casters online. Making sure nobody gets the broken wheel is as easy as a few clicks.

 Problem 2: Shopping Cart Traffic Jams

Anymore, it’s impossible to get in and out of the grocery store quickly. With stores narrowing aisles to stock as much merchandise as possible, it can be difficult to get around other customers. Shopping cart traffic jams cause frustration to customers and can even cause them to leave or avoid your store.

Simple Solution: Customize Your Shopping Carts

Shopping carts aren’t a one-size-fits-all product. When you purchase from Americana Companies, we manufacture a variety of sizes so you can choose a chart that will comfortably fit in your aisles along with other carts. By spending a little extra time measuring your aisles and picking the correct size cart, you will eliminate frustration for your customers and incentivize them to spend more time in your store.

 Problem 3: No Options For Light Shoppers

One of the ultimate annoyances with going to the store is only needing a handful of items but having to lug around a full-size shopping cart. It certainly makings getting in and out of the store quickly a struggle. Unfortunately, many customers deal with this problem, though, when stores don’t provide any shopping baskets or express convenience carts for light shoppers.

Simple Solution: Stock Shopping Baskets & Express Convenience Carts

Going back to the principle that shopping carts are not one-size-fits-all, that also applies to this scenario. While you can choose the perfect shopping cart to fit in your aisles, you also need to provide other options for customers. By simply stacking shopping baskets and stocking express convenience carts at the front of your store, you can make getting in and out quickly a reality again.

Americana Companies manufactures all sizes and models of shopping carts that will solve any problem you may have. Purchase directly from us today or contact us with any questions.

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