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5 Reasons To Buy American Made Shopping Carts

US Based Shopping Cart ManufacturerIn a time when companies are constantly battling budget cuts, it can be tempting to just buy the cheapest products on the market, regardless of where or how they are made. The retail industry is not exempt to this struggle, and there are plenty of ways to cut operational costs in grocery stores and shopping centers, including purchasing shopping carts from companies overseas. While a warranted temptation, the benefits of buying from a manufacturer based in the United States surely outweigh those of buying overseas. Here are just 5 of the many reasons to buy American made shopping carts.

1. Experience Superior Quality

With higher labor standards, US-based manufacturers naturally produce goods with superior quality. This means that when you purchase shopping carts made domestically, you can be sure that the quality you will receive is top-notch. Americana Companies carefully crafts each cart to meet not only industry standards, but also the standards of the buyer and consumer.

2. Enjoy Faster Shipping

When you purchase shopping carts from a USA-based manufacturer, you are guaranteed faster shipping than buying overseas. Factors such as international customs and ocean shipping are not a problem when you purchase directly from a manufacturer based in the USA. Americana Companies is centrally located in the Midwest, making shipping across the country convenient and quick.

3. Receive Better Customer Service

When you buy products made in the USA, the cost not only includes the items themselves, but also the customer service that you just can’t get when you purchase from companies overseas. While you may be able to call a hotline for technical support overseas, US-based manufacturers can provide immediate support and many times even provide on-site service to make repairs as needed. Americana Companies provides a variety of National On-Site Maintenance Services to all 50 states in the US.

4. Lower The Carbon Footprint

Buying directly from a manufacturer based in the United States not only benefits the consumer, but it also benefits the environment. Less time traveling across the ocean means less fossil fuels being omitted. So, when you buy an American-made product, you are not only receiving benefits as a consumer, but you are also lowering the carbon footprint.  

5. Boost The Economy

Because of how cheap international labor can be, the United States is seeing a staggering amount of jobs move overseas. This, in turn, increases the unemployment rate in the US, making it difficult for Americans to find jobs. By choosing to buy from a US-based company, though, you are boosting the economy and ultimately keeping jobs here in the United States.


When you buy your shopping carts from a manufacturer based in the United States, everyone wins. The consumer receives the highest-quality products and service, while the economy receives the stimulation needed to keep jobs domestic. Americana Companies manufactures the largest offering of shopping carts, accessories, and replacement parts in the United States, also shipping to Canada and Mexico. All of our products are available online, but you may also contact us directly to purchase via phone or email.

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