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3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Plastic Retail Hand Baskets

plastic retail hand basketHaving access to plastic retail hand baskets in any grocery or retail store is key for shoppers who don’t plan on stocking up on items for the whole week. Not only do they allow shoppers to easily carry just a few items, but they also promote impulse buying. While walking through the store, customers can usually carry three items in their hands, but with a hand basket to allow more room, you will see customers grabbing more items before they hit the checkout, ultimately increasing your sales without you having to do anything at all. In order to make sure customers utilize these plastic retail hand baskets, though, there are three key considerations.

  1. Placement: Strategic placement is crucial. It may seem obvious to place to a stack of hand baskets in the front of the store, which is a logical place to start, but also placing them throughout the store will both provide customers with the convenience of not having to walk back and forth and entice impulse buyers to add items to their baskets. In addition to putting a stack of retail hand baskets in the front of the store, put a stack in the back of the store and along the side aisles, as well, so no matter where customers turn, they can easily utilize them, whether intentionally or not.
  2. Quantity: It is useless to place stacks of retail hand baskets throughout the store if you only place a few at each location. For one, if customers can’t see the baskets, they might as well not exist at all. When you think about the customer’s line of sight, they aren’t looking around on the ground for items, but rather looking at eye level for the things they need. Make it easy for customers to grab a hand basket by keeping tall stacks throughout the store that are visible to customers as they walk by.
  3. Color: Along with keeping baskets visible in different locations throughout the store and stocking a large quantity of hand baskets, another way to promote customers using them is to consider choosing one or more colors to make sure they stand out. Depending on where you decide to place them, they could blend into the rest of the shelves and stock throughout the store, but by choosing a brighter color or varying colors, you can ensure that they stand out and are ready to use. You can also choose colors that match your branding or consider adding your logo.

In the grocery and retail setting, convenience is key, which is one of the main reasons for the growing demand of plastic retail hand baskets over bulky traditional shopping carts. Customers are looking for the quickest possible way to get in and out of the store, while being able to carry the items they need. When thinking about stocking retail hand baskets in your store, consider a strategy that will increase your sales without having to do any extra work by utilizing proper hand basket placement, quantity, and color to your advantage.

Americana Companies manufactures all of its plastic retail hand baskets right here in the United States, shipping across the country, along with Mexico and Canada. Our hand baskets are available in blue, red, black, and green, and can include a custom logo to match. Order online today or contact us directly to place an order via email or telephone.

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