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3 Ways To Customize Your Shopping Carts To Match Your Brand

As a store owner, you may think that your shopping carts are just another fixture in your store. You also may be tempted to think it doesn’t matter what color you get or what accessories to choose as long as they are affordable and easy for your customers to use. Contrary to these thoughts, though, you can customize your shopping carts to match your company’s brand.

1. Choose Your Shopping Cart Color

Gone are the days when black and gray are your only options for shopping cart colors. Make your shopping carts stand out by choosing the colors that actually match the rest of the brand. From blue to orange and even yellow, you can choose one or more colors depending on the colors of your logo. The extra bonus for picking a shopping cart color that is bright and noticeable is that it will make them harder to steal.

2. Customize Shopping Cart Accessories

Even if you decide to get metal wire shopping carts, you can still brand them by customizing your accessories. Choose colors for your shopping cart bumpers, handles, and seats to give them a pop of color. In some cases, you may also be able to add printing to your shopping cart handles to add your company’s name or any other message. Adding your company’s name is another way to prevent theft, as well. These small custom attributes may seem meaningless but they can really help tie your carts into the rest of the store.

3. Add Shopping Cart Signage

The most obvious way to brand your shopping carts is to add company signage either through a Plastic ID panel or an Advertising Panel. Both are easy, affordable options to add your logo or slogan for additional branding.

At Americana Companies, manufacturing custom shopping carts is part of our DNA. We want to help make shopping carts an integral part of your store by giving you a variety of ways to brand them, either through picking your cart color, adding colorful handles and bumpers, or even adding custom signage to your carts. It may be an investment up front to add some of these features, but the added theft prevention is invaluable. Purchase any of our custom shopping carts online or contact us with the signage you have in mind and we will do our best to make it happen in a timely manner.

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