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3 Benefits Of Buying Directly From A Shopping Cart Manufacturer

If you have scoured the internet for shopping carts long enough, you have probably come across both shopping cart distributors and manufacturers offering the best possible shopping cart prices, products and services. While each may appear similar in offerings, buying directly from a shopping cart manufacturer has distinct differences that could end up saving your company time and money. Check out the 3 benefits below of buying directly from a shopping cart manufacturer.

1. Cheapest Shopping Cart Prices

cheapest shopping cart pricesWhen buying from a retail distributer, have you ever thought about the extra costs rolled into the product's price? Consider the cost of transportation from the manufacturer to the retailer, or the cost to hold inventory in a warehouse until sold. For a store buying hundreds of shopping carts, these costs can really add up and ultimately, the consumer pays for them. Buying factory direct means there are no middlemen or hidden prices – just the cheapest shopping cart prices given directly to the customer.

2. Best Shopping Cart Services 

best shopping cart servicesWho knows a product better than the hands that made it? While sales experts can be thoroughly trained on a product, there is no comparison to the customer service you will receive when purchasing directly from a manufacturer. For intricate shopping cart parts and pieces, you will need a technical expert from the factory to answer your questions, rather than getting a run around from a salesperson who has never truly interacted – or better yet, built – a product. For the best shopping cart services, purchase directly from the manufacturer.

3. Quickest Shopping Cart Delivery

quickest shopping cart deliveryTime is money and even in the shopping cart industry, quick delivery is key. The simplest way to ensure you get the quickest shopping cart delivery time is to buy directly from the factory. Adding custom branding and colors can be timely when a distributor is involved, but when you work directly with and buy directly from the manufacturer, the factory can make instant changes or customizations to your order without any middlemen involved. And when your order ships, it is headed directly to you – not to a warehouse for later pick up.


Trying to decipher between buying from a distributor or a manufacturer can be confusing if you don’t fully understand the benefits you receive when buying directly from a manufacturer. You may see many sites claiming to sell “factory direct,” but ultimately, they could just be retailers who are buying from the factory themselves, so it is best to educate yourself on brands you trust, and when you find one, stick with it.

When you buy from Americana Companies, you are purchasing directly from a USA-based manufacturer that provides competitive pricing and comprehensive shopping cart services. We offer three easy ways to order – online, phone, or email – to make the buying process as easy as possible for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our advantage or to place your order!



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