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2 Products That Promote Child Safety In Shopping Carts

Bringing a child along to the grocery store can be one of the most stressful parts of a parent’s week. Carrying infants in a sling or lugging them around in a heavy car seat can prove to be more than many parents can handle, but there are two products that can alleviate that stress and ensure each child will stay safe – and comfortable – in the shopping cart. 

Child Safety Seats

While hoisting a car seat into the front compartment of the shopping cart can be tempting for parents, there is really no safe way to secure it, allowing the seat to potentially fall out if bumped. Additionally, setting the car seat in the main compartment of the shopping cart completely disallows the cart's main function - to provide ample space for groceries. By already having a child safety seat readily available on shopping carts, parents will not have to worry about crafting their own solution and ultimately risking their child getting hurt.

Why Front-Facing Child Safety Seats?

  • Front-facing feature enables parents and children to easily see each other at all times
  • Foam design allows for easy disinfecting between uses, along with support and comfort for children
  • Built-in adjustable shoulder straps to safeguard children from leaning forward or falling out
  • Attachment system engineered to guarantee the seat has no risk of jolting or falling off of the cart

Child Safety Seat for Shopping Carts

Child Safety Belts 

Many plastic and wire shopping carts come standard with a foldable seat in the front,  providing a space for children who large enough to sit up by themselves and hold onto the front handle. However, not all carts include the straps to offer a secure way to keep a child from falling out of the cart. By including extra safety belts in these front compartments, parents can be sure that their child will stay safe, even through sharp corners and bumping carts. 

Why ASTM 2372-11a Compliant Safety Belts?

  • Extensive tests completed and passed to meet consumer safety performance standards set by ASTM International
  • Child-proof buckle fasteners on each strap
  • Nylon material to ensure comfort, durability and UV protection
  • Optional two or three straps, depending on the size of the child

5 Panel Nylon Safety BeltChild Infant Safety Belt


Securing children in shopping carts can prove to be a difficult task, but by implementing these two essential products - the child safety seat and child safety belt -  grocery stores can reduce accident liability while providing the safety and comfort each parent and child needs.

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