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"The Double Shelf Nesting Cart"
Part # Description
The Double Shelf Nesting Cart
GC2000 "The Double Shelf Nesting Cart"
Top Shelf Size: 22" x 41"
Lower Shelf Size: 22" x 41"
Weight: 65 lbs.
"The Pull Wagon"
Part # Description
The Pull Wagon

"The Pull Wagon"
Blue Seat Belt
Shelf Size: 25" x 41"
Number of Wheels: 4
Weight: 42 lbs.

"The Garden Center Cart"
Part # Description
The Garden Center Cart
GC-2100 "The Garden Center Cart"
Top Shelf Size: 22" x 27"
Lower Shelf Size: 22" x 27"
Payload Capacity: 12,000 Cubic Inches
Weight 47 lbs.
Cart Nesting: 8.5 Inches
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